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MobileKeep | Phone Security App

For Personal and Professional Use

From the busy mom to the working professional, MobileKeep helps give you peace of mind.

Track your phone, track your kids. MobileKeep’s security features help you keep what matters most to you close by. Connect multiple devices to your MobileKeep app and keep track of your own iPhone, as well as any other Apple Watches or iPhones synced to your network.


Keep Your Family and Friends Safe

With group tracking, you can travel and go on group outings together without worrying about safety.

Sync your iPhones together and turn on group tracking to ensure everyone sticks together. You’ll be alerted the second someone steps outside of the geospace without letting you know so you can contact them and make sure they’re safe.


Be proactive. Don’t wait to find someone until it’s too late. Protect your loved ones with MobileKeep.

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When is MobileKeep Coming To Your Device?
While currently made for iPhone/Apple Watch, MobileKeep is always working to include more and more devices. We’re currently working to integrate the app with even more wearable tech like the FitBit. Let us know where you want to use MobileKeep.