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4 Apple Watch Features Every Apple Watch User Needs to Know

4 Apple Watch Features Every Apple Watch User Needs to Know

As technology constantly changes, becoming powerfully personal day by day, staying up to date with all it’s adaptations is essential to keeping up with the trends. Companies continue to improve the features of wearable technology, like watches, subsequently improving lifestyles.


The Apple Watch in particular has numerous features that intrigue a wide range of consumers. With redesigned and re-engineered models constantly hitting the market, it’s challenging to keep up with all the features of the Apple Watch. Below are features that help the Apple Watch promote an active, healthy, and connected lifestyle for their wearers.


Looking Sleek

Looks matter. An appealing display matters to the aesthetic of the watch and its ease of use. A larger display, narrower borders, and curvier corners enables clean, precise, detailed images to fill the screen. These smooth lines are the forefront features one sees daily while using their Apple Watch.


Reinventing the Digital Crown allows for easy navigation without blocking the screen display. Although this change is miniaturize in comparison, its impacts are instrumental to the numerous capabilities.


Keeping Healthy

The Apple Watch always has your back, as well as your heart in mind, by helping to keep you healthy. With ECG, electrocardiogram, capabilities with just the touch of your finger and the impulse of your wrist with built in electrodes providing critical data to you and even doctors. The Heart Rate app allows for recording and tracking of heart rhythms.


Also an easy connection to the Health app allows for a constant streamlined connection. Another feature that helps keep wearers stay safe is Fall detection with Emergency SOS that immediately calls 911, notifies emergency contacts, sends current location, and displays your Medical ID badge. Wearing an Apple Watch allows you to keep track of your health in a variety of ways!


Working Out & Being Active

While working out whether its running or swimming or anywhere in between your Apple Watch keeps up! The Workout app moves with you making it an incredible watch for setting personal goals, measuring calories burned, and tracking your overall progress that connects back with your iPhone. Various apps enable easy connection for tracking other activities such as playing tennis or swimming in a pool or among the waves; the possibilities are endless.


Activity rings track your moving, exercising, and standing movements. This allows for friendly competition between your family and friends to keep you motivated throughout day to day life. With each step you’re one step closer to closing your rings!


Staying Connected

Staying connected to family and friends with your Apple Watch like your iPhone is possible. With built-in cellular you can answer calls, send text messages, and listen to your voicemail wherever you may go. You can even talk via the Walkie-Talkie app for quick personal messages.


Like most Apple products, Siri is available at your fingertips or rather at your wrist. Finding your iPhone with your Apple Watch is possible with a sound or a flash by taping Find iPhone on the watch face. Once sounded the ping or the flash can easily guide you. However, these are not solutions when you have no idea where your phone is.



With the advancements in technology, Apple Watch features are constantly helping you live your best life. Syncing different apps to your Apple Watch like the ones previously mentioned can greatly improve your experience.


By syncing MobileKeep perfectly with your Apple Watch, you’re able to keep track of your iPhone, as well as add friends and family to groups for group tracking. Keep your device and your loved ones safe by downloading MobileKeep today.


4 Apple Watch Features Every Apple Watch User Needs to Know