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Uber Safety Tips to Help Protect Yourself

Safety First. A two word phrase that seems to be instilled in us from children, influencing our decisions as adults; therefore, it’s only natural that safety is a top concern when it comes to transportation.


Transportation has continued to evolve along with almost everything else with advancements in technology and accommodations for all your traveling needs specifically in the ride-share app community. Uber, a well accepted ride-share app, not only gets you from place to place it also helps keep you safe.


Following these safety tips before and after hopping into an Uber will help ensure a safe trip.


Before Getting in your Uber

There are a few helpful tips that you can follow before even getting into the Uber that will help protect you. Requesting your ride inside and waiting until the app notifies you of your driver’s arrival allows for minimal time spent outside.


Before getting into your Uber, check to make sure you are getting into the right car by matching the license plate, car make and model, and driver photo provided to you through the app. You’ll received a notification with this information so you can easily Check Your Ride. You can also ask your driver to confirm your name before getting in the car.  


Riding in Your Uber

Staying safe within the car is just as important. Just like any other car ride, wearing your seatbelt is critical, as it is considered the most effective way to reduce car related injuries.


Riding in the back seat allows you the ability to exit from either side of the car to avoid any moving traffic. Sitting in the back seat when possible, also gives you and your driver more personal space that can add an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.


Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

Your location can greatly affect your safety as well; therefore, getting picked up and dropped off in a well lit, safe environment preferably with people around is recommended. As a result of recent tragedies, dedicated pickup locations will be instilled specifically across major universities to increase safety.


Keeping & Sharing Information

It’s important to keep your information safe as well by knowing who to share personal information with. Sharing details about your trip with loved ones by tapping Share while en route to your destination will allow friends and family members to track your trip. Before exiting the car, remember to grab all personal belongings, especially your phone.


Be Intuitive

Follow your intuition while in your car; if you ever feel like you’re in an urgent or threatening situation, the emergency button in the app allows for easy access to call 911. In some cities and counties, the dispatcher has automatic information on your location; however, you are also able to access this information to share with them while on the phone.


There are many ways to help stay safe while using Uber that start before you even enter the car. Following these safety tips will help keep you safe on your next Uber trip.


Uber Safety Tips to Help Protect Yourself