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How to Use MobileKeep for Moms

How to Use MobileKeep for Moms

Moms, we know you’re busy. However, when it comes to your family, you can never be too careful. MobileKeep alerts you when a device in your network goes outside the set geofence, so you know the instant your child (or their device) is where it shouldn’t be. Keep reading below to find out why your entire family should be using MobileKeep!


Keep Your Family Safe with Groups

MobileKeep’s security features help you keep what matters most to you close by. With MobileKeep, you can create groups with your children’s phones. These groups allow you to keep your family safe within the geofence, the amount of space, you set for them. Turn on group tracking to everyone sticks together. 


Immediate Notification 

In the event that your child leaves the geofence that you have set up, you will be immediately notified of their change in location. Minutes and even seconds matter to the safety of your children; therefore, with you in mind MobileKeep notifies you immediately to help keep them out of harm’s way. Once you’re alerted that your child has left your set geofence, you can open up the map to see exactly where they are.


Locating Your Loved One

With MobileKeep, you can locate your child fast without fear or worry. This feature not only allows you to keep your children close by but other family members which can be helpful in a variety of situations. MobileKeep is perfect for family outings, vacations, and generally keeping your loved ones safe.


As a busy mom on the go, we help keep your loved one safe by syncing your device and your children’s together with the MobileKeep app. Be proactive. With MobileKeep safety matters. 


How to Use MobileKeep for Moms