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How to Use MobileKeep for Professionals

How to Use MobileKeep for Professionals

When you’re hard at work, your mind is running a million miles a minute. With your hands physically and metaphorically full, it can be hard to keep up with everything. And that includes your iPhone. With valuable personal and professional information on your iPhone, you don’t want it to get into the wrong hands. With MobileKeep, we can help you keep up with your device to avoid that moment of panic when you can’t seem to place it. 


When You’re On the Go 

As a working professional, travel typically drives your day to day lifestyle. Whether you’re just commuting to work, leaving a coffee shop after a meeting, or hopping on a plane to head to your next destination, keeping up with your phone can be challenging. However, with the MobileKeep app installed on your device, you can decide how far away you’re going to let your smartphone get from you by setting up a specified geofence. 

When you download MobileKeep, the first thing you should do is set up the geofence and ensure you turn on tracking each day.


Immediate Notification 

With MobileKeep, you can sync your iPhone to your Apple Watch so you’ll be alerted the second you start to leave your phone behind. For example, you’ve just left a coffee shop working on important confidential work when you leave behind your phone. Immediate notification allows you to locate exactly where your phone is without having to retrace your steps. 


Keep Your Information Safe

After notified of your phone’s location, keep it safe from harm. Lock your phone directly from your Apple Watch so no one else can access your information before you run back to grab your phone. MobileKeep cares about keeping you and your information safe. 


For a professional, MobileKeep helps you keep your phone with you when you are on the go, locate it if it gets too far away, lock it to protect your information, and safely recover it if necessary. Be proactive. MobileKeep ensures you never lose your smartphone again.


How to Use MobileKeep for Professionals