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About Us

Proactive vs. Reactive

The concept behind MobileKeep came about out of necessity.


We’ve all been there before: leaving our phone behind only to run back after it in a panic. There are apps that will help you find your phone once you’ve lost it. But MobileKeep helps make sure you don’t lose your phone in the first place. Be proactive. Keep your mobile close by.

MobileKeep | Phone Security App
Syncs With Apple Watch

Easily connect your MobileKeep app with your Apple Watch to ensure you never lose sight of where your iPhone is. Get alerts when your phone leaves your side.

MobileKeep | Phone Security App
Add Devices to Groups

Create groups based on your own devices, your family’s devices, and your friend’s devices. Keep track of each other on family trips, nights out, vacations, and more.

MobileKeep | Phone Security App
Set Your Geofence

MobileKeep will alert you the second one of your paired devices leaves your set geofence, whether it’s 5 feet or 50 feet. Keep your devices, your family, & your friends close by.

How It Works

When you’ve left your phone behind, time is critical. You want to get it back before it’s too late and your phone falls into the wrong hands. This is where MobileKeep comes into play.


As soon as you download MobileKeep, sync it to your own Apple Watch. Set your geofence each morning when you wake up. Your watch will notify you the second your phone is outside of the geofence so you can run back and retrieve it.


By not allowing you to get very far away from your phone, MobileKeep helps to ensure it’s never lost or out of reach for long. So you don’t have to stress about losing your phone, its data, and your main form of communication.


With MobileKeep:


  1. Ring your phone directly from your Apple Watch to alert whoever has it to drop it or leave it where it’s at.
  2. Lock the phone so that no one can access your information.
  3. Follow the map on your watch to retrace your steps and run right back to your device.
MobileKeep | Phone Security App

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