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How It Works

When you’re attending an event and you know there’s a chance you might be separated from your group, be proactive with MobileKeep. 


Simply download the MobileKeep app through the App Store or Google Play Store and create a group. Once a group is created, start inviting your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if they are Team Apple or Team Android. MobileKeep works across both platforms. 


If your friend doesn’t have the app downloaded, they will receive a text with a direct link to download the app on their Apple or Android device. 


Groups can be made public, meaning all users can add additional parties to the group. Or groups can be made private, meaning only the group creator can add additional parties into the group. 


Once downloaded, they will create an account and join the group. Once joined, get your group together in close proximity and turn on “tracking.” You can then confirm your group members and set your geofence distance. Once everyone has tracking turned on, you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind, knowing your friends and family are near. 


Once tracking, if someone in your group exits the predetermined geofence area, everyone tracking in the group will receive a push notification that alerts them. Trackers can choose to “ring” the user that is outside the geofence through the app, which will sound an alert to the user even if their volume is set to off or vibrate. That user will then need to turn off the alert using their Access Pin. 


No matter the situation, no matter the circumstances that happen where you are, keep track of your friends and family with MobileKeep. 


With MobileKeep:

  1. Add as many people to your group, regardless of device choice (Apple or Android).
  2. Set your geofence as wide as you’d like, whether it’s across the country or down the hall.
  3. Alert people in your group with our ring feature.
  4. Make your group public or private for even further safety.


MobileKeep | Phone Security App

For Friends and Families

Protecting your loved ones is the most important thing to you. You want a system that will help you keep track of where your family and friends are, especially on outings and vacations.

MobileKeep allows you to put everyone who uses the app into a group so that you can keep track of where they are and be alerted the moment they get too far away from you. 


Use MobileKeep for:

  • Family vacations
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Family reunions
  • Night out on the town
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • School field trips
  • Theme parks


In today’s world, you never know what could happen. Big events come with added anxiety of not knowing who is around you. When crisis strikes, stay safe and keep your group together with MobileKeep. Keep an eye on your family and friends by downloading MobileKeep today.


Create a group with all of your friend’s and family's devices, including iPhones and Androids. Turn on tracking on each device.


Set a geofence for the distance you'll allow each member to go, especially during outings together.


If someone leaves the geofence, you'll receive an alert and can open the map on your app to see where they have gone.

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