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How It Works

For Professionals

How often do you find yourself working from your phone? How much sensitive professional and client information could a stranger pull from your phone? It’s scary to think about.


MobileKeep for Professionals helps you to keep track of your smartphone so it never falls into the wrong hands. Sync your iPhone to your Apple Watch so you’ll be alerted the second you start to leave your phone behind. Keep your mobile close by with MobileKeep.


To locate your phone, alert someone of its location, or get a thief to drop your device, you can make your phone ring.


Make sure strangers can't easily access your phone by locking it remotely. This will deter thieves from accessing your phone data.


Use the map on your Apple Watch to find the exact location of your smartphone. Retrace your steps back to be reunited with your phone.

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For Families

Protecting your loved ones is the most important thing to you. You want a system that will help you keep track of where your family is, especially on outings and vacations.


MobileKeep for Families allows you to put different iPhones and Apple Watches into a group so that you can keep track of where they are, and be alerted if they get too far away from you. Keep on eye on your family and download MobileKeep today.


Create a group with all of your family's devices, including iPhones and Apple Watches. Turn on tracking on each device.


Set a geofence for the distance you'll allow each family member to go, especially during outings together.


If someone leaves the geofence, you'll receive an alert and can open the map on your app to see where they have gone.

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